Can you imagine having a Streaming Platform tailored to your needs?

Enhance your business content management with our video viewing and document sharing platform. With a practical, fast, and secure solution, you can centralize all your content and make it available internally to your users or expose it on the internet to your target audience.

Our platform features cutting-edge technology that allows for uploading large videos without affecting performance when watching them. This means you can share your videos with confidence, knowing they will be played back with quality and speed, without compromising the user experience.

  • Incorporate your content (videos, images, photos, and other documents) into articles and blog posts.
  • Provide audio files, such as podcasts, lecture recordings, or event recordings.
  • Distribute your content with the security provided by DRM standards, preventing your videos from being copied or reproduced without authorization. Our solution uses security standards and encryption adopted by major streaming platforms.

Download our Streaming Plataform material clicking here (pt-br only).

Produce high-quality content efficiently, using well-known tools available on the market. Compatible with the main media formats generated by editing software, our platform allows for the quick publication of videos and documents.

  • Enhance your content management with our platform!
  • Organize your materials, from courses to other formats, in an intuitive and simple way.
  • Associate videos and documents with content and share them with your users, establishing customized access permissions for each one.

With our platform, you can easily change published content, manage user access, obtain engagement tracking reports, and communicate directly with content users. All in an integrated and intuitive solution, designed to optimize your time and increase the success of your content strategy.

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