Platform Integrated with Power BI

With our platform, you maximize access to Microsoft Power BI reports in a completely flexible manner, allowing usage through a web portal or embedded into your system, providing a personalized experience to enhance the visualization and distribution of your reports.

With our solution, you continue to create your reports in the familiar Power BI environment. The only additional requirement will be publishing updates to a shared workspace. Our solution provides a secure and authenticated portal for your users to access and view reports associated with them easily and confidently.

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With an exclusive portal, users securely access their own reports and data using two-factor authentication. This ensures they only see what has been specifically created for them.

A cloud-based service designed for teams to collaborate and edit reports together.

Create your reports in the environment you're already familiar with and publish them to the portal through integration with Power BI Service.

Integrate your Power BI-created reports into your current work environment, allowing your users to work with familiar tools easily and efficiently.

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