Fleet Invoicing and Billing Management

Our fleet billing and collection management solution is used by major players in the market. It has been implemented and expanding for over 15 years, undergoing structural and systemic changes within companies. Some of our clients have over 100,000 active vehicles. Invoices are generated and sent via email quickly and automatically, even on days with a higher concentration of collections.

With Capere, you empower the billing team to configure contracts in a simple, fast, and highly flexible manner.

Some facilities

  • Configure distinct billing cycles for your various service groups.
  • For each contract, indicate whether you want to charge vehicle drivers and define billing and collection rules for them.
  • Issue traffic fines and other service charges together or separately from rentals.
  • Provide invoices with full documentary support detailing and proving to your clients what is being charged.

Trucks, cars, motorcycles, agricultural machinery... our solution is prepared to handle any type of vehicle.

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