Custom Solutions for your Company

PCA has trained professionals in several technologies in order to provide the most adequate solution to our client’s needs in any particular situation. By working on new concepts and technological tools, the Company has been able to constantly refine our software development models through the establishment of structures that support development.

The multitier software architecture enables adequate app structuring, in relation to the database, business logic, user interface, and integration with the client’s other systems. Web solutions, mobile devices (apps), specific interfaces, as well as other technologies can be integrated in a single technological model.

Through the componentization concept, we can develop models with reusable software components that are common among systems. The development process is faster (it is already done) and more reliable (it is already tested), consequently meeting the client’s desired deadline and budget.

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At PCA, we use varied technologies for developing our systems, always providing to the client several options, in order to find the best one for each specific situation. Our team is expert in varied technologies, such as Microsoft .Net, Java, PHP, HTML5, Bootstrap CSS, AngularJS, Apache Cordova, Oracle, SQL Server, PostGreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft Sharepoint, etc.; therefore, it does not matter which platform we choose, we have the qualified team to meet the needs of the proposed project.

Mobile applications are a rapidly growing market, playing a fundamental role in optimizing processes and productivity gains in companies, allowing for better and faster performance in any business area.

PCA meets market demands and those of its clients, remaining flexible regarding mobile industry updates. With over 30 years of experience, we propose the development of corporate applications that adapt to business needs, allowing internal processes to be accessed and managed anytime, anywhere, with a focus on usability.

Enterprise mobility is already a reality, and the trend is for this sector to increasingly dominate the market.PCA offers modern and functional development, integrating and handling your company's information quickly, intuitively, and user-friendly, providing total security and agility in operational processes.


PCA has been working on custom solutions since 1992, thus we have the required expertise and experience to assure the implementation of software projects throughout all stages of development. Regardless of the business area, technology or complexity, we use adequate methodology and technology for the particular needs of each client. More than just developing a solution for a specific request, PCA seeks to solve, with the client, any problems in the context of their business, proactively providing an accurate solution through the development of a system that thoroughly meets the proposed objective.


PCA follows the conventional recommendations in the software project area (PMI or Scrum) with some modifications according to the Company’s needs. In order to meet the desired results, we seek to always guide and involve all collaborators. This ongoing exercise allows us to enhance our best practices by maturing processes in order to create a solid environment that is favorable to the execution of tasks during the development of a system.

Project Management

A positive outcome at the conclusion of a project is the result of a proper management in balancing scope, budget, and deadline throughout the project development cycle. Planning, execution, and activity control, all in accordance with the solid standardized recommendations in project management, allows us to meet the defined goals in a smooth way, with no distortions or surprises along the process. Therefore, PCA seeks to qualify project managers with the best market practices, providing them with courses and practical trainings.


Seeking to provide projects that fully meet the needs of our clients, PCA keeps several forms of interaction between the Company’s and the client’s teams, enhancing the communication between the most interested parties. Meetings, project follow-up websites, partial deliveries, among other resources keep the project on the right track.

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