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Payment Platform with Gateway Selection

Our solution unifies several payment gateways, which are services responsible for online transactions involving credit cards, mediating and integrating between end consumers, financial institutions, and card issuers. Effectively, gateways make e-commerce sales possible. However, companies typically contract with a single gateway, and if there is any instability, they may lose a purchase and even a customer. This is where we come in, providing multiple gateways in a single solution, making the process more efficient and reducing transaction risks.

How does it work?

  • 1) Customers provide their credit card information.
  • 2) Our solution creates a queue of priority gateways to process billing transactions.
  • 3) Billing is carried out according to the priority order, which can be changed based on your company's business policy.
  • 4) If any gateway experiences instability during the transaction, our solution automatically redirects the billing to the next priority gateway in the queue.

Advantages of our solution

  • Greater Efficiency: By using more than one billing gateway, it's possible to increase the chance of payment transaction success, as the billing process can be faster and with less possibility of failures.
  • Risk Reduction: Significant reduction in the impact caused by system outages or technical failures, as transactions are redirected to other gateways when one of them experiences instability.
  • Flexibility: Our solution is highly adaptable and requires minimal technical effort on your part. You can continue using your own credit card data capture screen or choose to use ours, easily and simply.

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