IT Consulting

Having process automation and information consolidation tools is an indispensable condition for strengthening a company.

Our Strengths

  • We have extensive background in process mapping and reviewing in various industries. During our 30 years of existence we have been working in numerous projects, dealing with situations that involve lots of people, extreme cultural changes, major organizational restructuring, very short deadlines and high technological complexity; all this makes us extremely confident in conducting our projects. Also, PCA holds a record of 100% conclusion rate in the hundreds of projects developed so far.
  • It is key for us how we use software tools for an effective documentation of processes and the consequent possibility of publishing and consulting them. The use of these tools has been crucial for the success of this type of projects of ours.
  • As a company that develops software, PCA understands that nowadays few processes do not depend on proper software. Thus, we know how to define business oriented processes to our clients and we are aware that at some point, partially or totally, these defined processes will have to become automated through software (which can be developed and implemented by ourselves or others).
  • We are a comprehensive company, from the technology point of view — we know our clients’, businesses, we develop software, operate a data center, host several applications and, more recently, have been involved in hardware projects as well. Such technological diversity has been source of innovation for our clients, with creative solutions and lots of benefits.

IT Infrastructure Consulting

The appropriate IT infrastructure functioning requires specialization and, when it is not carried out with the highest degree of competence, it causes significant loss of productivity. The permanent allocation of highly qualified professionals represents unnecessary cost increases.

PCA has services that make sure equipment, operational systems, and other supporting packages are operating adequately, so that users are free from performing tasks that are unrelated to their production obligations.

Performance enhancement services for operational systems and database managers, besides deployment and diagnostics of communication networks are also included.

Database Management

Database Management is a task that adds enormous value to any information system. Protection against information loss, short response time, and enhanced storage space are some of the main requirements that depend directly on the attention given to the data repository.

Currently, even after the appearance of tools that make daily tasks easier, the enormous amount of information that is stored, besides the demand and the complexity of consults to such information continue to require that databases are monitored by highly qualified professionals.

The database administration services provided by PCA are aimed at meeting this need of our clients. They include daily tasks operation, such as backup, tuning, and physical space control, up to highly complex tasks, such as software version migration, server changes, and deployment of distributed systems.

In order to meet these needs, PCA relies on certified professionals that have broad experience in the area, providing two different services — a consulting service that gives the client all the necessary guidance for an enhanced use of the database; and a complete service with the implementation of all the necessary processes. Thus, clients can opt for the format that better suits their internal planning.

Processes Mapping

PCA has been accompanying several schools of the managerial thought that promise a solution for major management problems, such as quality and productivity. Countless corporations have been spending millions of dollars on TQM (Total Quality Management) and process re-engineering; however, not all of them have reached the proposed objectives. The most significant effect of these revolutions was the attention given to business processes which resulted in a better understanding of them.

We believe that knowing these processes and evaluating how they are managed is the key for their optimization.

Given the increased competitiveness and dynamism that are currently required in all businesses, we believe it is essential to be able to improve business processes continuously. Their mapping and constant updating is mandatory to make it viable to keep on advancing.

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