Affiliates and Programmers Management

One of the biggest challenges faced by the dynamic pay TV market is how to keep up with the fast business evolution, including the various contracts and commercial rules that are established among Programming, Dealers, and Operators, and the need for maintenance or decreased operational costs.

To meet this demand, PCA developed in 1996 for Net Brasil a Managerial Information System. The system was then modernized in 1998 and, in 2003, it was redesigned for the web platform and rebranded as AFFILIATES System, a specific solution to automate billing processes for Operators, Dealers, and MSOs (Multiple-System Operator). AFFILIATES is a flexible tool that enables the continuous changes in commercial market rules and contract variations to be timely incorporated into the system, thus resulting in faster and more precise charging processes.

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is low, the system works in web environment, performs automatic updates, and is compatible with the Microsoft platform. It also offers easy line-up maintenance, flexibility in creating and controlling promotions and promptness in billing processes.

  • Objective and timely management reports, such as financial, billing, operators performance, market analysis, PTS (Pay-TV Survey)
  • Promotional events control
  • Discount calculation by subscribers group
  • Safe 24/7 access (fully web)
  • Receipt generation control
  • Commercial commission billing control
  • Programming payment control
  • Subscriber base automated import
  • Bank communication through CNAB standard
  • Intuitive and flexible interface (fully web)
  • Lineup automatic copy
  • Timely deployment
  • Automated calculation of the values to be received/paid according to the registered contract rules
  • Automation of repetitive processes
  • Low TCO
  • Low cost of trainings for new users
  • Serves programmers, MSO, and dealers
  • In accordance with several types of contracts (by range penetration, pay-per-view, price per subscriber, etc.)
  • Works with pick-and-pay channels
  • It is multilingual, multicurrency, and multiprogrammer
  • Portability and scalability

This is the initial module of the system, where general information is inserted, about programmers and their channels, operators and their packages, MSOs and dealers, with different lineup views (association among packages, operators and channels, which makes operational work easier). Addresses, telephones, cities, and contacts of all the operation are inserted here; transmission system registration, users, and permissions are inserted here as well. It can contain information on taxes, rates, and currencies.

In this module it is possible to enter valuations registration, calculation rules (formula) which may be customized in an easy and timely manner based on some premises, e.g., subscribers base classified according to type of subscription, portfolio, channel, cost either through weighted range or absolute range, fixed price with or without extra parameterizations, which makes the calculation flexible; it also enables the creation of rules that use more than one concept (e.g., up to a certain subscribers base, use the calculation for weighted discount; above that limit, apply fixed price or global value).

It is the "heart of the system" and Affiliates main module, which absorbs several types of negotiated contracts, such as absolute range or weighted discount table, pay-per-view, price per subscriber and others, e.g., valuations registered in the previously described module. It is multilingual; works with different currencies; has three currency conversion models; works with programmers, operators, dealers, MSOs; and controls the different commercial clauses that determine the final calculation of the price per subscriber.

The main objective of the system is to calculate and process every month, according to registered contract rules, all the volume of the subscribers base to obtain the detailed values to be paid to each programmer/channel by each operator (both from the programmer’s point of view, and from the dealer’s/MSO’s/operator’s point of view).

Besides the system’s timely processing, by using it users avoid possible errors that can be made when calculating billing via formula on spreadsheets for each channel.

In this module several reports can be generated with information on financial, billing, operators’ performance, subscribers base, monthly control of all due revenue.

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