Business Management

Invest in a solution that allows tracking of the entire physical evolution of the enterprise and provides efficient management of all its phases, with financial and documentary control.

Utilized by renowned developers and investment funds, our solution ensures total control of your enterprise with proven effectiveness.

Maximize the management of your enterprises with our Control Panel, which allows you to track finances in real time! Designed to specifically meet your needs, our multilingual (Portuguese, Spanish, and English) and multi-regional solution is the perfect tool for enterprise control.

Track the progress of multiple enterprises simultaneously through any device.

Download our Business Management material clicking here (pt-br only).

  • Financial feasibility study
  • Tracking of financial re-projections
  • Contracts, addenda, and terminations.
  • Payment flows
  • Statements of the enterprise's current accounts.
  • Financial transactions
  • Daily performance indicators and much more.

Internal or external teams can be responsible for operating the system, and the entire workflow can be monitored securely and customized at any time, according to the profile of the person in charge.

Discover some of the system modules for control and decision-making:

  • Document Management
  • Feasibility vs. Financial Re-projection
  • Sales Management
  • Receivable Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Daily Cash Flow
  • Financial Statements
  • Reports and Dashboards

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