Subscriber Management System.

The CAPERE solution meets the companies’ demands when it comes to business models that involve subscribing clients, e.g., pay TV operators, telephone operators, publishing houses, insurers, etc.

The CAPERE solution provides complete and integrated control of billing, charging, technical maintenance and customer service processes; with robustness and flexibility, it can be swiftly and economically updated with no downtime or rework.

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  • Over 1,000 clients billed per minute
  • Parallel billing along with other activities of the company
  • Intuitive and friendly interface
  • Low TCO
  • Low cost of trainings for new users
  • 20 times shorter billing time
  • Bills sent via e-mail
  • Charging through partner companies, automatic debit and credit card
  • Absorption of new business rules – broadband, VOIP, VOD (Video on Demand), PAY TV, etc.
  • Highly parameterable system
  • Constantly evolving system
  • CRM
  • Custom service through customer classification
  • Access to the second copy of bills via corporate portal
  • In accordance with the new Anatel rules for quality standards in customer service
  • Standardized discounts according to customer type
  • BI for simple, integrated, and transparent managerial reports
  • KPI center automatically presented in an easy, objective, and constant manner
  • Management Dashboard – automatic and constantly updated KPI center for directors and managers
  • Low-cost on infrastructure
  • Low consumed bandwidth
  • Portability and scalability
  • Friendly interface
  • Less nonpayment
  • Online access to SPC (credit bureau agency)
  • Promotional support and control for products and services

CAPERE allows the definition and enforcement of the company’s commercial rules, i.e., inclusion or exclusion dependency (which products must be sold with other products, which products cannot be sold with others) and promotions automatic and configurable treatment (discounts by fixed periods, no discount with bundling, etc.).

CAPERE also enables the creation and application of research questionnaires on the clients’ habits and preferences, which helps elaborate long term contract commitment strategies.

The solution solves the address conflict issue between new and old clients, which eliminates revenue loss due to lack of customer relationship history, mainly defaulting ones.

An appropriate control of addresses also enables basic index calculations that are essential for management, such as HPs and penetration, with precision and consistency.

In the financial module, the user finds an agile billing process. It provides automatic installment payment of debts, invoices are sent via e-mail, and discounts are automatically defined according to charging type and any other contractual rise.

All this is carried out with precision, respecting the dates of cancellation solicitation or contracting of new services/products. The solution has a configurable billing work flow and is adjusted to the business circumstances, with a follow-up of all process steps

It is also possible to charge through partner companies, so the subscriber can get a second copy of the invoice on the company’s website.

CAPERE has automatic tools and resources for mediation (service use history) and equipment automatic provisioning (when service is available and when it is not). The solution can integrate different technology networks.

Through the technical module, users can define the scheduling of technical visits, thus standardizing the time interval between one exit and the next, besides mapping the team of technicians by areas or type of provided service.

All the address control system of the solution is based on the information provided by the Brazilian Postal Service, i.e., DNE (National Address Database), which helps avoid correspondence misplacing and incorrect information on service availability.

CAPERE generates reports via web that can be parameterable by the user if necessary; performs equipment inventory; has flexibility to host the convergence of technologies and new services (VoIP, broadband internet); and has intuitive interface, which means less investment in internal trainings. This module was designed and developed to cover all the technical peculiarities of each market niche in subscribers management.

In the customer service module, CAPERE organizes and provides agile consultation to the subscriber’s information, through any selection criterion defined by the user, e.g., name, contract, or address.

It is also possible to integrate it to the telephone system in order to identify the subscriber through the number called. The system centralizes customer service and enables open calls, besides network problem identification directly with the subscriber (nodes, amplifiers, sources).

CAPERE generates online follow-up and control reports and graphs of the several operational job processes of the company — commercial, financial, or technical.

Reports subsidize the company’s performance evaluations according to its departments, for either establishing or meeting goals. All reports can be efficiently generated in a way that it does not compromise the operation.

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